If you’re tired of the same old party and want something unique and exciting – a party that your guests will talk about for years to come – then it’s time to host a Guided Dreaming party with Reagan!

They’re the only parties that let your guests gain guidance, learn about themselves, and experience altered states of consciousness safely and without the use of drugs… all while having an amazing time.

And best of all, they’re easy to host with almost no set up on your part!

How do they work?

1. Choose your party experience
2. Invite guests & do minimal prep
3. Have a night to remember!

“The experience was nothing short of phenomenal. My friends were all blown away and I cannot wait to have another!”

Sydney M, Denver, CO

Choose Your Party

Are you hosting an intimate house party, girls’ night in, or bachelorette party?

Whatever kind of party you’re throwing, Reagan offers two different experiences to make your party one your guests will love.

Your guests all have different tastes. Do they want an experience that’s sensuous? Mysterious? Peaceful?

Mystic Odyssey is the party that can please all your guests, as they get to design a personal metaphysical journey!

On your journey, you can experience any emotion you choose, contact powerful guides, experience past lives, find peace – or pleasure – and more.

Mystic Odyssey lasts a full evening and is appropriate for approximately 7-15 participating guests.


The candles flicker. You and your friends gather around the table and link hands. Bringing your energies together, you begin to reach out to the other side…

In Séance of Dreams, you and your friends will dreamwalk together to gain guidance, learn about yourselves, and find deep joy by discovering your power animals, exploring past lives, and reaching out to contact spirits from beyond…

Séance of Dreams is a 90 minute experience.


“It was exciting, energetic, and I would recommend it to any of my friends!”

Rebecca, Denver, CO