Find Guidance
Explore Past Lives
Relax Deeply

Become a Dream Explorer

You’re at a crossroads. Down one path there is confusion, uncertainty and stress.

On the other path you can gain clarity, peace, and learn who you truly are by personally connecting with your higher self, your guides, past lives and more anytime you want.

Reagan has been where you are, and he can help you journey down the second path using Guided Dreaming.

How It Works

1.  You’re guided into a deep trance
2.  Create & explore your personal dreamscape
3.  Gain guidance from your dreams, guides, and more

Free guide! Learn how you can find clarity & peace with Guided Dreaming.

“[My session] was great! I had an emotional experience and got some clarity about the passing of a loved one… I would recommend Reagan!”

Jenny, Arvada, CO